In Revio we keep talking about the importance of being proud of what we do. If we think it’s good, our customers probably will too. Lately I’ve been worried that we’re not getting the message across properly – So allow me to make it crystal clear.

We have six core values, one of them is to be proud. Proud to create products that enable our customers to do better. Often economic boundaries, set either by ourselves or our customers, limit our ability to create perfection. I know that this makes it harder for our team to trust that we really do mean it when we talk about quality and pride.

Let me assure you that we’re serious. Dead serious.

I would like our pride to go much further than “I’m satisfied with today’s work”. I want it to reach the point where if I were actually standing next to one of our customers trying out a new feature we just made, this is what would happen: I would be standing there, unable to wipe the stupid grin of satisfaction from my face. Thinking to myself that I ought to have the decency of hiding the fact that I know we are freaking awesome, but not really trying too hard – as I know the customer knows it too.

In some areas of our work we’re still far from that place, but that’s where we want to be. There will still be times of doubt, but that’s where we’re going to be.

You’ll see.




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