The cat is out of the bag!


Up in the sky, look: It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Superman! Wait a minute.. actually, it is a bird!

We’ve been posting rumours about us visiting other countries the last few months, and this week travelers from the UK and France are suddenly visiting us! And why is that? To learn about Qondor, that’s why! Qondor is (or at least we’re determined it is going to be) the best platform out there for managing group travel, conferences and events! So if you are doing any of that, you better get with the program before it’s too late.

We’ve finally launched our brand new product website, go check it out at!

While you check that out, Revio C-level executives will be busy featuring in Season 3 of The HBO Show Silicon Valley! Okay, that’s not entirely true (actually it’s almost entirely false), but at least they’re going to Silicon Valley! And who knows, maybe they accidently walk in on the set while they are filming and somehow end up in the background of one of the episodes? Stranger things have happened!

Jokes aside, we’re already in the process of growing a third hand so we will still be able to count the number of countries we have a presence in here in Europe – and now we’re going all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to TINC 2015! The goal is to learn how to scale and market the product for the rest of the world. Our CEO and COO are attending TINC ( Tech Incubator in Silicon Valley), getting valuable help from Innovation Norway in our attempt at attaining World Domination with Qondor!

While being the best at anything is pretty hard, you’ll never get there if you don’t try. We’ve been creating travel agency software for over a decade – the last 4 years was spent with a team of dedicated individuals perfecting the creation called Qondor. Together we are determined to deliver something truly unique! We hope you will follow us on our journey to being the best we can become, we’ll try to keep you up to date on what’s going on. What happens in Silicon Valley, stays in Silicon Valley – but for you guys we’ll make an exception. Stay tuned!



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