The Spanish City

Picture of The Spanish City fairground“Oh, girl it looks so pretty to me, just like it always did – Oh like the Spanish city to me, when we were kids”

Music is a powerful force. I must have listened to “Tunnel of Love” by Dire Straits a thousand times. A track where the thrill of an amusement park becomes a metaphor for life. As a kid and teenager, I pictured “the Spanish city” from the song as an actual faraway city, a place the kids in the song dreamed to go. Later I learned that the Spanish city was an actual funfair in Whitley Bay, England.

As our previous post hinted at, we at Revio have dreams about faraway places as well. We still haven’t come quite far enough to share the the whole story, but we hope to do so really soon. As the title picture of this post reveals, the Spanish city of the old song has shut down, and is slowly decaying. All dreams don’t come true, and even those who do, must end sooner or later.

We still don’t know what the future holds for us, but we aim to make the most of it – and we’ll happily take you along for the ride!

While we dream about the mystery and magic of 2015, we hope you enjoy your holidays with friends and family. And if you grow tired of listening to “Driving home for Christmas” on the radio for the 34th time – feel free to tune in to the eclectic mix of music that influenced the dreams of Revio during November and December.

Revio@Work Playlist #2:  Revio@Work Nov-Dec 2014 (Spotify playlist)



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