What is really going on over there, anyway?

Powered by Revio.. But powering what!?

Powered by Revio.. But powering what!?

To be continued, they said. Then nothing happened for 8 months. Lies! Fake hype! Or was it?

Additional sightings of Revio employees in Stockholm and Paris has been reported this spring, and we even heard rumours about Silicon Valley. Surely that can’t be true? We’ve tried to get Revio to reveal what they were hinting at in the fight or flight post, but the mysterious reply was that they had “Decided to stay below the radar”. Whatever that means. Then nothing for months.

The reason we’re posting an update today, is that we’ve been lucky enough to get a short interview with a Revio business connection who has asked to remain anonymous. He has also provided us with an exclusive video of what is allegedly a large, unused space within the premises. The video was taken with his smartphone during a recent visit at the Revio Oslo office.

Make sure you check out the interview below the video.

Anonymous visitor: “I was there for a meeting, and was guided hurriedly through this large, unused office space. There must have been room for at least 50 people in there. This will soon be filled with developers and marketing people, the Revio representatives said. Then they laughed, like, we’re joking, obviously! I don’t know how to explain it, but beyond the laughter there was this nerve.. this edge.  Somehow it felt like they weren’t entirely sure they were joking at all.”

Interviewer: “So, what exactly do you think this implies?”

Anonymous visitor: “I have no idea. But it has got to mean something, right?”

Interviewer: “Did you see anything else?”

Anonymous visitor: “I saw lots of new faces since my previous visit, even a woman. She looked like a.. traveler. And a couple of the other new people were really young. Even so, they referred to two of them as UX experts, whatever that means. They were basically kids, I don’t know how they could have been experts at anything. I also caught a glimpse of what one of them was working at. A sleek looking interface of some kind. It had a logo resembling something like a.. bird. It looked a bit mean. After I accidently caught a glimpse of it, everyone stopped talking. The meeting was brought to an abrupt end literally a couple of minutes later. It was really weird, like, you had to be there.  Actually, I don’t think I feel comfortable talking about this anymore. And I changed my mind about that video I gave you.”

Interviewer: “Okay, we’ll delete the video, no worries. Thank you for talking to us!”

Anonymous visitor: “Uh, sure, I guess. I kind of regret it already. I got to get out of here before anyone see me talking to you.”


So there you have it. Not sure what to make of it all, but rumour has it the mystery will be unveiled soon. Stay tuned and find out!



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